ShipRec is a combination of Shipment & Recover. We are making it easier to locate anything.

What makes ShipRec trackers so special?

Long Lasting

Battery life lasts up to 2 years! They are built to withstand harsh travel conditions and small enough to never get in the way or add weight (less then 2 ounces).

Global Coverage

Our trackers work everywhere! Inside and outside, planes, trains, cargo containers, buildings.  We use multiple networks to provide the best coverage.


We are the cost leader in asset tracking.  Small upfront device fee ($25 with a device buyback program) and a low $5 monthly fee for unlimited use per tracker.

Join Our Waitlist

How It Works

Join our Waitlist.

We will contact you with final pricing and ETA for your trackers.

Once received, you can start using your trackers immediately!

Log into your Customer Portal, scan a tracker. You will be given a unique tracking link tied to that tracker.

Place your trackers in your shipments and watch them move around the world.

Once you get your tracker back, simply scan again and reuse!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
Pricing will vary based on monthly shipment volumes. Trackers will cost up to $25 (one time fee) with a tracker buyback program if you want to return them.  Monthly fee of $5 per tracker for unlimited use.
How Do you get such accurate location data?
We use a mix of BLE and Decentralized Wifi networks.  Together this provides the most accurate location tracking technology on the market!
Seriously where does it work?
Anywhere….Seriously!  Try it out, if you aren’t happy we will buyback the trackers from you!
Whats the average length of time on the waitlist?
Depends – but currently, most people are on the waitlist for about 2 weeks.  During that time you will be contacted by us and we will work to get you your trackers in 2-4 weeks.
Can these be put on planes?
Yes, the battery is a CR2032.  Our trackers can be flown in the cargo bay of any plane.
Can I use ShipRec for my customer returns?
Yes, you can include a return label with your tracker and use the same tracking link to track the return all the way back to you.
What is the ongoing costs of using Shiprec?
We charge a monthly fee per tracker depending on volumes it will cost $5 or less per unit per month.
How long do they last?
They are designed to last up to 2 years but to be safe we tell everyone 1-2 years.  After that the battery is a CR2032.
Whats the catch why are you so much cheaper then GPS?
GPS is a great idea (in theory) but the cost and battery life doesn’t work for most use cases.  Technology has finally made trackers inexpensive enough that we leverage more accurate location services without having to pay for a satellite connection.
What are the tracker dimensions?
They are the size of an AirTag (~1in X 1in X 0..25in) and weigh about 2 ounces.
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